CFP’s come to Bootle

Friday 17th January 2020 is the start of a new concept, to support local people deal with poverty, homelessness and other issues!
Downstairs (in the Flea Market area) of Friday’s Bootle Market in the Strand Shopping Centre, Bootle, Liverpool, will be Stall staffed by volunteers of a CFP (Community Food Partnership). It will be there every Friday for the forseeable future, so come down and show your support.
It has been set-up, so individuals, families and groups can become memebrs of the CFP and benefit from heavily discounted food (and for the initial period – goods too).
It is a collabartion between; New Destinations Network CIC, Big Help Project, Bosco House, Greggs, Costa Coffee, Sefton Markets, Lyons Estates and The Strand Shopping Centre.
We are looking for donations of Food, Clothes, Brick-a-brack, in fact anything you want to give us?
For more information, contact Mike Black –

Big Help Project

Love working with a great group of people, doing a great job, for the communities they care about.

Grape Harvest Festival – Sicily – 7th Sept

Gianfranco Maltese invites you to the best Sicilian Grape Harvest Festival, which takes place on the 7th September 2019.

Wine, food, entertainment and so much more.

For more information contact direct;


Maltese Event 2019

Maltese Event 2019




Sefton Community Markets launch Indoor Flea Market

Sefton Community Markets launch Indoor Flea Market

Stuart Hamilton, Director of SCM declared the launch of a indoor Flea Market a great success. It does not only increase foot-fall to the lower floor of Bootle Strand Shopping Centre, but also privates goods and services that are not available to locals at present.

It also gives the opportunity for people to sell a variety of goods, which if successful, may mean they will want a shop in the ‘the strand’ at some time soon.

At only £10.00 a table it is a great opportunity and also some fun for all involved.

Wine and Dine Holidays in Italy collaborate with NDN

Discover, taste, remember!

Food is the Italian passion, you know it! what the best way to discover a city or an unknown area by eating what the locals eat?

We offer food market visits, farm visits and cooking courses to share with you the preparation of a deliciousItalian meal with fresh ingredients! You will learn the secrets and history behind each recipe and discover the real meaning of the Italian food culture while enjoying relaxing atmosphere, good food and tasty wines.

They have a number of great packages to suit all types of visitors to this stunning region of Italy.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a magical destination full of mystery, history, culture, style and spice! Words are not enough to describe this city, as it has to be seen, felt and experience for real. 

It is also now the latest destination to be added to New Destinations Network.

Any organisation who wants to get involved and be added to the network there, please get in touch!



Halkidiki, Greece – Athos, Kassandra & Sithonia

Halkidiki (Khalkidhiki) is a spectacular part of the northern Greek mainland. It contains every aspect you would desire to experience a typical Greek visit; Beaches, Food, Drink, Entertainment, Culture, History and great Customer Service.

It has 3 (legs) peninsulas; Athos, Kassandra & Sithonia, which are actually totally different from each other, so it is like visiting 3 Greek Islands, but you don’t have to leave the shore!

Therefore NDN has decided to split the Halkidiki destination into three separate ones, so their individuality can be clearly seen and experienced.

Plovdiv 2019

Plovdiv, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, has been officially inaugurated as the European Capital of Culture for 2019 with a spectacular opening ceremony. Over 30,000 people gathered on the central city square to be part of this “We are all colours” event, which included 1,500 local and foreign artists. The focal point being a special light tower, measuring 30 meters high and weighing 200 tons.

If the opening ceremony is anything to go by, Plovdiv to going to provide a multitude of amazing cultural events throughout the year, so there is no better time to visit this great city.

Emitt 2019 Istanbul, Turkey

31st January – 3rd February 2019

EMITT, the East Mediterranean International Travel and Tourism exhibition, is one of the top four tourism exhibitions worldwide. The event annually attracts over 54,000 industry professionals and tourists looking for new and exciting travel opportunities from destinations and travel service companies from across the globe.

It has one of the best Hosted Buyer / Fam Trip programmes available at any Tourism Exhibition Worldwide.

For more information –



Christmas is a busy time of the year when we all give gifts to each other,

or more often nowadays, donations to charity instead!


Giving blood, is free, it takes 30 minutes of your time and you will

probably get a coffee and biscuit, maybe even a mince pie too.


This Christmas, no matter where you are in the world, take time

to give the best gift you can, the gift of life!

FIJET – Croatia Awards

The annual FIJET Marco Polo Awards took place at Croatian Association of Journalists on December 13, 2018

The Travel Writing Awards “Marko Polo – famous travel writer” were held on 13th of December (Thursday), organised by FIJET Croatia (Fédération Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Tourisme) and co-organised by the Croatian Journalism Society’s Tourism Journalists Assembly at the Journalism Home in Zagreb.

This was the 8th edition of awards for travel writers – for domestic journalists for travel articles about Croatia, a special award for a reportage on Zagreb, and for an international journalist and FIJET member for the best reportage on Russia, host nation of the FIJET congress in 2017.

For more information about this great event;

FIJET Congress 2018 – Thanking Atlas Voyages and partners

The FIJET Congress 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco was a great success, so this is the opportunity to thank not only all its members, delegates and guests but the all the people behind the scenes too.

The hotel staff, transport facilities, attractions, guides, etc! So a very big thanks goes out to Atlas Voyages and all their partners, who were responsible for this!

Mike Black (Director of New Destinations Network CIC), took time to have meetings with Senior Management of Atlas Voyages and Club Madina&Dar Atlas Hotels; Yousra El Alaoui Najib, Ikram El Aouam and Boubker Marrakchi.  An agreement was made to collaborate, so when Marrakesh is added to NDN, they will be the designated DMC and Hotels at this new destination.

Tijani Hadded (FIJET President) also took the opportunity to thank them personally too.


Plovdiv 2019 – Two new destinations

After the retirement of the old and well worn Plovdiv 2019 T-Shirt, that travelled the world promoting the city and its ECCC 2019, its time for the new one to appear!

Izmir, Turkey and Marrakesh, Morocco are not only the next to ‘New Destinations’ to appear on NDN, but they are also the latest two for Mike Black (Director NDN) to promote Plovdiv 2019 there.

FIJET Academy and FIJET Congress were the reasons for the visits, but also to add the destinations to NDN and promote Plovdiv 2019.

Lets see where it appears in 2019?

ITE HCMC 2019 – Hosted Buyer Applications Open

Opportunity to gain new contact and expand your business in Vietnam and Mekong sub-region at ITE HCMC 2019!

ITE HCMC 2019 will be back from 57 September 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is a place where both international and regional buyers, suppliers, trade professionals and media partners from the tourism and travel organizations meet and exchange the latest and new developments in the industry. With a varied program including ITE Online Business Matching, Trade Seminars, Post-Show Tours and Exhibition, ITE HCMC 2019 is set to provide all participants with new source of inspiration in gaining more business opportunities!

FIJET CONGRESS 2018 – Youth is the future

The FIJET Congress 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco had all the usual regulars and delegates, but this year contained more young journalists (Bloggers & Social Media Experts) then ever before, as they met at the FIJET Academy in Izmir, Turkey and remained friends.

They did not wait to be recognised or introduced as they did it for themselves. Not only throughout the whole event but during the Forum too.

An organisation is only as good as the legacy it leaves, so start to introduce young FIJET members and new, free-thinking & open-minded people now!

The energy and forward thinking attitude that these individuals and in fact, the group as a whole, had on the event could be seen, felt and heard, so let it organically grow into the what FIJET can become in the future.

FIJET Congress 2018 and Romania 100th Anniversary

The FIJET Congress 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco coincided with the Romanian 100th Year Anniversary of its Independence.

This showed that the Romanian FIJET team were prepared to sacrifice celebrating it in their homelands to attend the Congress, which is admirable of them (although it was not actually officially recognised by the Congress, which is a shame).

They brought colour to the event and showed everyone why Romanian’s are known around the world for being friendly, proud and happy people.

HAPPY 100th!

FIJET CONGRESS 2018 – Marrakesh – Tours and Visits

The FIJET Congress 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco contained a tour of this magical city and a visit to Ourika Valley.
This enabled all the delegates to see the two sides of the region, city and countryside.
It also included sampling the excellent food and entertaining traditional music and dance.

FIJET CONGRESS 2018 – Marrakesh, Morocco

The FIJET Congress 2018 took place in Marrakesh, Morocco, with over 200 members taking part in this prestigious annual event.

The World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers chose this amazing destination as it is not only a unique and spectacular region of the planet, but it is also positively trying to promote itself to global tourists.

Members from across the world gather to listen to presentations, meet each other and also see this great city and region.


IMT Plovdiv 2018 continues finished on a high with a great Gala Dinner, which turned out to be a ‘right good party’.

The foreign and local delegates mixed with all the people who took part and made this event so successful. People representing the hotel, restaurants, attractions, venues, Plovdiv 2019, and Plovdiv Municipality etc.

Vanko from Landmark Creek Hotel even made an appearance to support the event.

Most of the people who attended enjoyed great food and drink and then danced the night away to traditional and modern music, with the help from a great local singer, saxophonist and disco.

A big thanks goes out to all involved but especially the organising team including Juliana & Vanya and the rest of the team. BUT the big thanks has to go to Anna and Wili who were with the delegates from first to last and showed what real Bulgarian hospitality is all about.

All delegates will return to their separate countries, cities and towns and promote this great city and will have also made friends with locals and each other!


IMT Plovdiv 2018 – Plans for Plovdiv 2019 and Young Wine Festival

 IMT Plovdiv 2018 continues with a visit to the new Plovdiv 2019 Foundation Office and an update to the progress of all plans and events. The implementations already in place will ensure that this will be one of the most important years in the recent history of this amazing city.
This was followed by a mouth-watering visit to Gaillot Chocolates, which was not only interesting, but extremely enjoyable, especially for the chocoholics amongst the group, which was most of them!After lunch the group of delegates went to the Young Wine Festival, which took place in the ‘old town’ of Plovdiv’. There were local dancers in traditional dress, dignitaries and even a few ‘local characters?’. This festival is a fantastic day as it not only involves sampling and buying the newest wines from the region, which are based within the amazing Ottoman built houses, but accessing them via narrow cobbled Roman streets, makes it a cultural and historical

IMT Plovdiv 2018 – Presentations, Meetings and Networking

IMT Plovdiv 2018 continues with presentations, meetings and networking.

The main Forum and Presentations had speakers from National and Local Tourism organisations, plus Plovdiv 2019 too.

It then moved onto B2B Meetings, which were a great opportunity for all to discuss partnerships and collaborations.

This was followed by an enjoyable and interesting visit to the venue of the Ancient Mosaics and then a quality meal at Shtastlivtri Pod Tepeto, which was a great opportunity to discover more about the city and do some valuable networking!