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Pauzo Hotelero

Pauzo Hotelero is a consulting team of hospitality improvement specialists. 

We bring proven international experience in different fields of the hospitality industry including sales, strategies, business planning, financial analysis, streamline and re:engineering processes, standard implementation, recruiting, training, which are all focused to increase guest´s satisfaction and financial results for all departments involved. 

Within 72 hours, we deliver a strategic plan to be implemented within the next 30, 60 and 90 days with palpable and monitored results. Our goal is to start to turnaround every venue we are involved in within the first week of identify the areas that need to ne improved. 

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Kamnik Winery – New website is a winner, just like their wines!

KAMNIK WINERY, Rep of Macedonia

Authentically Macedonian, the Kamnik winery expresses the greatness of the ancient
Macedonian traditions, spirits and soil, in a truly contemporary wine style.
Blending past and future, traditions and the sophisticated state-of-the-art approach,
nature and science, challenges us to find the most captivating wine tastes.
The aims and visions of the winery team are set to keeping the historical
and traditional values alive, adapting them to the demands of the modern fine
wine market, simultaneously examining the opportunities that the advanced
technological applications unfold for us.

The new website is a spectacular success, as it not only tells the story of this amazing venue,                                                        but of the grapes themselves. The scenery, choice of wines, tours, tastings, food and hotel are                                                  all of the highest standard.

When you visit the Republic of  Macedonia (or Macedonia, as it is known to some), a visit to                                                      a winery is highly recommended and you cannot go far wrong than choosing ‘Kamnik’.


Tourism Agency of Republic of Macedonia joins NDN

The Agency for promotion and support of tourism of Republic of Macedonia has added its website to the Skopje page of New Destinations Network, which enable visitors to gain even more information about this interesting city and country. There are plans in 2016 to add Ohrid and the Wine Region of RoM to NDN too, so it should be a great year of worldwide promotion for the country and for all three destinations.

Hotel Mak Joins NDN

Hotel Mak, Gabrovo, Bulgaria has 8 apartments, 24 single rooms and 28 double rooms. Four of these rooms are adjusted for disabled people. Except the sized and the wide spaces in the rooms, they are also distinguished with good design, LED TVs, central air conditioning and free WI-Fi. The comfort and lux in these rooms are accompanied by soft linen made of Egyptian cotton produced by ‘Mak’ company.

CONNECT pick Lithuania as venue 2016

CONNECT announces Vilnius as 2016 destination
13th – 15th March 2016, National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
The Airport Agency, creator of CONNECT, is delighted to announce that Lithuanian Airports will be hosting the 13th CONNECT event in Vilnius from 13th – 15th March 2016.
Established as an essential date in the European route development calendar, CONNECT 2016 will bring together airlines, airports and industry suppliers to discuss current and future air transport links.
Over 400 delegates are expected to take part, including more than 50 airlines and 150 represented airports.
“Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a dynamic, vibrant and up and coming city. A true jewel, it’s a destination with a rich heritage to explore, and awaits tourists with a warm welcome and great hospitality: a fitting location for the CONNECT event. A growing number of airlines and a wider spectrum of airports are turning to CONNECT for a friendlier and more relaxed networking event. CONNECT delivers maximum results thanks to its less pressured and more productive setting” says Karin Butot, Managing Director of the Airport Agency.
Gediminas Almantas, CEO of Lithuanian Airports says “Lithuanian Airports are very proud to host CONNECT 2016 and welcome Europe’s aviation industry to Vilnius. Lonely Planet, Forbes Life and the Huffington Post acclaimed our country as a must visit destination in 2015, and we would like to share this experience with airlines, airports, and the aviation & travel industry from all around the world”.
In 2015, 95% of attendees believed that CONNECT matched or exceeded their network planning expectations. “Route development is extremely competitive, and the more opportunities buyers can meet sellers in person, the better. CONNECT provides a platform where delegates have the time to build business relationships and make the connections that matter.”
The event will take place in the striking National Gallery of Art. Located in the heart of the city, not only will our participants be surrounded by an extensive collection of Lithuanian art, but they will have no transfers to face between the hotel and conference venue, and therefore be able to maximize their networking opportunities at the event.

Plovdiv uncovers even more amazing attractions

For a half-day trip away from Plovdiv, Bulgaria consider Assen’s Fortrss as a great option as it is a medieval fortress in the Rhodope Mountains and contains the Church of the Holy Mother of God. The earliest archaeological finding there date back to the Thracians and the views over the river and through the valley are amazing. Another option is Bachkovo Monastery, which is Georgian Orthodox and attracts many local and worldwide pilgrims from around the world every year. It contains the Ossuray, Museum, Cathedral of the Virgin Mary and  Archangels Church, but also important icons, murals, tree and ancient frescoes.

Plovdiv – Capital of Culture 2019

Christmas and Accountancy – a festive partnership ?? ??

DSG Accountants and Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce arranged a Christmas Networking Breakfast in Hugh Baird College, Bootle, Liverpool.

How can you mix; Accountancy, Christmas, Breakfast, L&S Chamber, Tax, Chat, Jokes, Pensions, Coffee&Tea, Hugh Baird College and a number of local business ?? ??

The answer is simple, put them all together in a great venue, supply important information, provide the opportunity to network, offer a tasty breakfast and do it all in front of a Christmas Tree and in festive atmosphere and IT WORKS!!

Everyone who attended left with either a new business contact or some important financial business advice, even Santa might of learnt a thing or two? I wonder if he has to do a Tax Return??

The next event is at the same venue on the 8th March 2016.

For more information or to contact any of the organisers;

Coffee Lovers – Look to Liverpool

Shaw&Ryan are the newest Coffee Importers and Suppliers in the UK and have now launched their website. The Liverpool duo are hoping to take on the ‘big boys’ in the industry worldwide from their base in Liverpool. Good luck lads and we at New Destinations Network will help and support you all the way.

Best hotel in Pelion, Greece

A thank you for the hospitality shown by Katerina and the 5 generations of her family during the recent trip to Greece! I think we all agreed that the Manthos Hotel, Chania Pelion, was one of the best hotels we visited during that trip. Plus, what a strange group of tourist professionals that was, one of the weirdest ‘Fam Trips’ ever, but great fun!!                          

Ambassador of the city of Plovdiv

Quote from the owner:

“It was a great surprise and honour to be nominated and then presented as the first Ambassador of the city of Plovdiv. We at New Destinations Network will do everything we can to promote Plovdiv around the world. The new wine region project is extremely interesting and with a Prestigious World Wine Award being hosted in the city in May 2016, it will help focus attention on Bulgarian Wine. Then of course Plovdiv is the European Capital of Cuture in 2019, so the next few years really will put this city on the map! It is a very exciting time and we are so glad to be apart of it”

TV interview in Bulgaria

Mike Black – Founder and Director of New Destinations Network does a TV Interview on Bulgarial National TV to explain why the world should be looking at Plovdiv in 2016 and the following few years.

Park Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Park Hotel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria do not disappoint the delegates from IMT 2015 by providing the their famous customer service. A view of the facilities, plus lunch shows that still provide the best hospitality in the city, well done Galina and the team! www

Plovdiv International Tourism Meeting

Plovdiv logo

Plovdiv International Tourism Meeting

Between the 25th and 28th November 2015 the 7th International Meeting of Tourism will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (City of the Capital of Culture 2019).

This event is arranged by The Municipality Of Plovdiv and their partners, who want to show the world what an amazing city they have, but also it enable businesses to network with each other during the event.

The Event starts with an evening cocktail reception, enabling all the organisers and companies attending to get to know each other, in an inform environment.

The following day is the official opening of the event and presentations by a number of dignitary’s and the hosts themselves.

This is followed the opportunity to have Business To Business Meetings with all the Companies and Businesses present and is a fantastic way to create partnership from around the world.

This is then followed by a tour of the ancient city of Plovdiv, with breath taking views of the Roman Sites and Ottoman Architecture. Later in the evening everyone attending with have dinner and again have the opportunity to network and make new friends.

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The following day there is the opportunity to visit a number of the local Hotels, so all people taking part can see the excellent varied and quality of the accommodation available in the city. This is followed by The Young Wine Parade in the Old Town, which is the introduction of the new crop of wines and an opportunity to taste them, as well as local food.

Later that evening there is the formal Gala Dinner, with local food, wine and traditional dancing. For the more sociable ones, there is then the opportunity to continue the evening and enjoy the nightlife in the city.

The following day participants can return home or stay with the party and visit two Monastery’s outside of the city Plovdiv and then have dinner in the evening.

The following day all participants will return home.

This event has been a great success on every occasion and it is growing after each one.

For more information or to take part contact Stoyan Ivanov on

Southport added to NDN

Southport is a famous seaside town in the North West of the U.K, being less than 20 miles from the city of Liverpool and just over 40 miles from the city of Manchester.

First founded in 1792, when an Innkeeper from nearby Churchtown opened the first Bathing House which made it popular for Victorian holiday makers. It was not only the bathes, but the beach, sand dunes, sea views and fresh sea breeze. Being on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, during the Industrial Revolution, it had great transport links too, which also helped its growth. 

Southport has managed to keep some of its Victorian charm, but add a variety of entertainment and attractions for all the family, thus making it a popular holiday and short break destination. 

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New Friends 4 New Destinations

The strangest Fam trip ever!!!

Meteora – out of this world

Meteora, Greece is out of this world, well myth says it was started that way, when Greek Gods sent the rocks down to earth!!

It a region of amazing rocks stretching into the sky that a very unique and beautiful. They are even more interesting when you discover they have Monestrys perched on the top of many of them.

The views are spectacular and they change throughout the day. The shadows and colours throughout the day and in fact the year.

Thousands visit to not only see the rocks, but the Monastreys too, many come back several times.

It is a fact that there is no other place like this in the world!!!”

Sunsets in Greece

Now that is what you call a sunset!! The coastline of Magnesia produces some of the most beautiful but ever-changing sunsets in the whole of Greece.

Looking at that as you are just finishing your Meze and wine and it ends a day perfectly!!

Explore Vyzitsa, Milies and Lafkos Region of Greece.

The Magnesia region of Greece has many unique towns and villages on its coast and in the mountain areas; Vyzitsa, Milies and Lafkos just being some of them.

There are such diverse things to see and do there, it would be impossible to list them, but the main attractions are; museums, monastery’s, village squares, views, walks, cycling etc. It also has a large selection of restaurants that all service tradional Greek food, which is amazing. A Meze is recommended, which is a selection of many of the dishes, but be prepared to take a long time to eat it all, as it is plentiful and delicious!!

Sea and Mountains – Perfect Combination

Volos & Pelion in Greece are Coast and Mountain Resorts that work together to provide a unique and stunning destination. Fantastic blue seas combined with amazing mountain views makes this region a unbelievable place to visit?

Thessaloniki – Great place to start

Thessaloniki, Greece a great city, whether it’s for an event or as a tourist!! Great history and great views. It’s a brilliant place to start a tour of Greece!! With over 20,000 students, it has a fantastic young and vibrate feel with the obvious night life to match.

Party Night in Thessaloniki

Helexpo/Philoxenia Final Party at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece was a great for everyone. A brilliant chance to say goodbye to new contacts and friends or a last chance to make new ones. Overall a great B2B Event, good luck with the rest of the ‘general public’ side of it!! Cannot wait for next year?

TIF HELXPO / PHILOXENIA 31st International Tourism Exhibition


TIF -Helexpo hold the 31st Philoxenia 2015 at the International Exhibition Centre in Thessaloniki, Greece.

With only a few hours to go before the B2B Section of the Event starts and there is a buzz of anticipation and excitement. The finishing touches are being put to the venue and the delegates are beginning to arrive. Organisations from 30+ Countries and representing a variety of Tourist Organisations, gather to discuss global travel trends, write deals and most of all make friends from colleagues in the industry from around the world.

This is the first time that New Destinations Network has attended this event so we look forward to it and hope it goes well for all involved.

We will keep you posted on the Event and the Fam Trip that follows it.

Oxbridge or Plovdiv University?


tuition fees in the UK have risen, studying for a degree abroad has become an appealing alternative. So much so that, according to British Council research published earlier this year, up to a third of British students are considering overseas study. In February, Ucas, the organisation that handles applications to almost all British universities, announced it would consider adding European universities to admissions forms to reflect the growing number of courses taught in English across the continent. According to StudyPortals, a search platform for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, there is now a “critical mass” of English-taught programmes on offer across non-English-speaking Europe. Its database now lists around 1,800 such courses for undergraduates alone. You can choose psychology in Groningen, art management in Lithuania, even medicine in Plovdiv, a former industrial town in Bulgaria with a population of 340,000.
“I had been looking at Sofia, but then I saw Plovdiv,” says Sereen Fatima, 20, a third-year medical student from Manchester. “It’s such a pretty town – very small, very old, lots of cobbled streets. I like showing it off when my family come to visit.” Fatima had planned to study medicine in the UK, and she already had a couple of conditional offers, “but then I ended up missing the grades I needed by a very small margin.” So she started looking at alternatives, using an online consultancy company, Tutelage, to research universities across Europe. Her six-year course – all taught in English, with additional lessons in Bulgarian provided by the university – is recognised by the General Medical Council, and she doesn’t think her foreign qualification will stand in the way of getting jobs when she returns to the UK. “I’ve spoken to doctors about it, and they say that where you studied doesn’t affect your employability. It’s more about getting the right kinds of experience

Sereen Fatima is studying medicine at Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Doctors have told her that it’s experience that matters, not where she studies. Photograph: Monique Jaques for the Guardian
Arriving in Plovdiv for the first time was a bit of an adjustment, she says. “I remember getting lost a lot… And most people here don’t speak English.” Now, a lot of the time, she forgets she’s in another country. “I don’t really miss anything, apart from Nutella.” She has just spent a couple of weeks on campus before the beginning of her third year, helping new British students to get settled, and she’s already noticing differences between their experience and her own, two years ago. “When I first came here, property was very cheap. The apartment I share with two girls costs me around €150 [£110] a month. I don’t think the students arriving now will be able to find anything for that amount.”
For some, like Fatima, studying abroad is a way of keeping your career plans on track when A-level results don’t go quite to plan, but the most common motivation for heading overseas seems to be money. With tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year, many students feel as if they’re being priced out of higher education in the UK. A 2014 report commissioned by the Sutton Trust found that students in the UK will graduate with an average of £44,000 of debt. For some, the figures are even higher. “I had been offered a place at the Royal Veterinary College in London, but when I sat down and worked out roughly how much it was going to cost me, including my living costs, it came to over £100,000,”

She admits to feeling homesick at first. “It did feel quite strange, living on my own.” For freshers’ week she was teamed up with a group of Dutch students. “They all spoke English most of the time, but sometimes they’d forget. At first I remember thinking, ‘Please, God, help me find another English person.’” Now, she says, she has settled into student life, with a circle of friends of different nationalities (“Everyone speaks good English”); but it’s easy to see how her experience might have overwhelmed others her age.
In the UK, there’s been a much greater focus on the mental health of students over the last few years. But do students abroad feel supported in the same way? “There have been team-building exercises,”

In some cases, students are taking matters into their own hands. Sereen Fatima is part of a group in Plovdiv trying to start their own international students’ association. “We hope to create a platform for students to raise their concerns, get more organised events going and have a bit more integration with the Bulgarian students’ union.” She’s already part of a tradition where British students in the years above help nervous new freshers to settle in. “We all remember what it’s like,” she says. “I don’t think you ever forget your first few weeks, do you?”

This part-article was taken from The Guardian Newspaper, which was published in October 2015.

Winter Art Market, St George’s Hall, Liverpool

Dates set for Liverpool’s 7th Annual Winter Arts Market
Over 200 contemporary artists, designers & makers selling work at Grade I Listed venue St George’s Hall on 5 & 6 December 2015

The Winter Arts Market, Merseyside’s largest arts and design market, returns to St George’s Hall on 5 & 6 December 2015. Open from 10am – 5pm on both days, it’s the best independent shopping experience in the city and the perfect place to pick up beautiful, unique Christmas gifts.

The stunning Grade I-listed St George’s Hall will be transformed into a bustling festive market with work from more than 200 of the North West’s best artists, designers and makers. There’ll be thousands upon thousands of items for sale, with everything from paintings, screenprints and handmade jewellery and accessories to beauty products, upcycled items, Christmas decorations, cards, photography and textiles. There will also be a vintage fair upstairs in the Concert Room.

Shoppers will also be able to enjoy a range of other activities, including workshops, performances and live music to be announced in November. Delicious homemade food and drink will be available from Cuthberts Café at the North Entrance.

The Winter Arts Market is organised by Liverpool social enterprise Open Culture, who have been partnering with St George’s Hall to stage the event annually since 2009. The market aims to provide the public with a chance to purchase affordable, unique work directly from artists and makers; helping to support independent businesses in the local creative economy.

Christina Grogan, Open Culture Director said ‘We’ve been astounded by the record number of applications we’ve had from brilliant designers and makers who want to be part of the Winter Arts Market and we can’t wait to share their work with the public. The selection process has been really tough, but we’re really excited to present work by some wonderful new artists alongside favourites from past events. Our audiences really appreciate handmade work that is affordable and we’re looking forward to inviting them back to what will be an amazing shopping experience.’

Contact –  Open Culture

0151 478 4026