WTM gives NDN 5 new destinations

New Destinations Network has had its best results at any WTM to date and there is still one day to go?

Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, Iceland and Italy all being added in 2016.

If you stop going forward, you are standing still and if you stand still, you never know who is looking over your shoulder to take your place.


World Travel Market

World Travel Market, London is a great success!! Fears over fog delayed flights and a DRL strike were put to one side when the numbers poured in.

Business as usual, is the catch word here and it is true, millions of pounds worth of deals will get down over the four days.

New Destiantions Network have agreed deals for Mexico, India and Sri Lanka, so it’s going to be a busy 2016!!


Mike Black (NDN Owner) speaks at UEL

Mike Black the Founder and Owner of NDN was one of the guest speakers at a University Of East London Lecture on Sustainable Tourism.

Tourism and Hospitality Students listened to a number of speakers at this thought provoking lecture.

Mike Black encouraged the students, as he believed that ‘they’ were the ones that had to continue to push the message of sustainability for this and coming generations.

He also promoted the Blessings Eco Congress and Travel Mart in Toaja, Indonesia in April 2016 and LanguageTrotter, a  Language Summer Camp, based near to Milan, Italy, which does not only provide a great education, but introduces students to the food, culture and heritage of that region.

For more information on any of the above contact;


IFB 2016 – Liverpool

Jude kelly gives an overview of plans for IFB2016

Some 200 representatives from a wide range of Liverpool City Region organisations were given an overview of plans for IFB2016 at an event at ACC Liverpool by festival Creative Director Jude Kelly CBE.

Jude Kelly CBE

A panel discussion also took place and members of the audience were invited to offer their ideas on how IFB2016 could be enhanced. Ms Kelly said: “The business landscape of this city is made up of an amazing mosaic of enterprises and people, an energetic fabric which is woven throughout the city. “Liverpool is a place of absolute ambition and is blessed with wit and enterprise so we want to create a festival which matches that culture and a festival where people encounter the unexpected.”
Festival Director Ian McCarthy added: “The backing of Government is of major importance, not just in terms of financial investment but in terms of political will. Both the Chancellor and Prime Minister are proactive and enthusiastic supporters and that is an important message as we continue to attract delegates from all over the world.

“Liverpool shaped IFB and seized the opportunity to create something in 2014 which gave us the confidence to build an even better festival in 2016.”

World Travel Market 2-5 Nov in London

New Destinations Network is attending the WTM for the 4th year running and is hoping that it is as beneficial as the previous ones have been.
The Excel in London opens it doors on the 2nd November and shuts on the 5th, during which it will welcome thousands of Tourist Industry delegates and guests from all corners of the world.
The contracts signed, partnerships made and networking done during this time can not be equalled anywhere else in the world.
All at NDN wishes for everyone attending to have a profitable and enjoyable event and if you wish to meet up with us, just get in touch?
www.newdestinationsnetwork.com                                                                                       mikeblack@newdestinationsnetwork.com                                                                               www.newdestinationsnetwork.com/blog/

Shaw & Ryan – The Liverpool Coffee Duo

Thomas Ryan and Chris Shaw have a dream and that dream is to bring the highest quality coffee beans to their home town of Liverpool, England. Their Double Excellence XX Brand not only shows there determination to make sure that the coffee they supply is twice as good as anyone else’s, but is a tribute (by a way of a kiss each) to the children from their separate relationships; Mila and Sebastian. As well as being great Dads, they have managed to find time to research, taste and source the best coffee beans in the world for the past two years, to ensure they have the ‘best of the best’. They already have Kenyon, Costa Rican and Brazilian, but they are on the look out for more?

They believe in Single Bean and Single Origin Flavours and this mantra will help them achieve their ‘ultimate collection’ goal. This collection is not only for the ‘coffee lovers’ of Liverpool, it is for worldwide consumption, as they are looking to make them available on a global scale.

If you can help this Liverpool Dynamic Coffee Duo source more high quality coffee beans, whether already roaster or not, they would be interested in talking to you. They are also ready to supply the beans and coffee itself, so if you have a taste for the best coffee there is or you want to supply that to your customers, they are waiting for you to contact them.

For more information or to make contact, use the following;

www.shawandryan.co.uk (available soon)     thomas.ryan@shawandryan.co.uk

www.newdestinationsnetwork.com    www.newdestinationsnetwork.com/blog/


A saying in the UK is ‘A community deserves the….’, which means the attitude of the people in that town, city or region, mirror’s what Police, Politician, Mayor, Council, Municipality or representative it gets.

In the case of Gabrovo, that is correct and for the region, it is great news!!

Tanya Hristova was the resident Mayor and had unbelievable support to continue.

Sometimes in a history of town or city something happened that determines it sustainable future, for Gabrovo, it was this weekend.

Congratulations Tanya Hristova from all at New Destinations Network and the residence of Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

www.newdestinationsnetwork.com                                                                                                        http://newdestinationsnetwork.com/blog/                                                                                                                             www.visit.gabrovo.bg                                                                                                                                                         www.gabrovo.bg

Vote for Tanya Hristova

Tanya Hristova is the present Mayor of Gabrovo, which is a beautiful and interesting town in the middle of Bulgaria. This mountain region is a unique destination which combines withholding tradition, but leading a modern life style too. Tanya gives every last breathe that she has to promote and improve this region and you can tell, as the area has profited from all her energies and enthusiasm. There are very few people who live in the region could say they have not seen the changes that have occurred during her reign !

Tanya supported and got actively involved in the recent visit to Gabrovo by the NDN team,  which helped it conclude extremely successfully, with a number of projects for the area being initiated. She manages to be ‘Tanya’ the Mayor, but also ‘Tanya’ the person too, which is a hard task in itself.

In a recent communication regarding the up coming elections, Tanya stated to Mike Black (Founder/Director of NDN) that as long as Gabrovo wins, it does not matter who the Mayor is? This is not only typical Tanya, humble and sincere, but not true.  The truth is Gabrovo is definitely going through a successful and winning growth era, so that is correct, but that increase will continue in a much more effective, professional and organised way with her at the forefront of it.

Of course it is not all down to Tanya; the Municipality, Tourism Office, Tourist Attractions, Business Community, Hospitality Venues, Sporting Associations and other organisations are all working together help the region obtain this sustainable growth.

This weekend is the Election of the new Mayor of Gabrovo, so all the partners, organisations, staff and Mike Black (Founder/Director) at New Destinations Network supports Tanya Hristova.

“Good Luck”


Gabrovo latest destination to join NDN

Gabrovo a stunning and unique town in the centre of Bulgaria and is the latest destination to join New Destinations Network. Famous for its Industry, Scenery, Food, History and Humour, this region is just what NDN is all about, introducing locations to the world, that may have escaped notice to many worldwide travellers!

Welcome to all the organisations, company’s and organisations involved in the town and we at NDN hope this is the start a great relationship, with not only us, but all our partners!



Opening to the stars

On Monday, October, 19-th the 3D Planetarium of Natural History Museum Plovdiv opened its doors for free projections. The guests an visitors of the city will be able to watch movies about the space until Friday. There are going to be 5 projections per day, as following: 9.30 a.m., 10.30 a.m., 12.00, 1.30 p.m., 3.00 p.m. The renovated museum is expected to open doors for all the exhibitions by the beginning of November.  Keeping following
Plovdiv Tourism or our blog for updates.

Regional Natural History Museum – pnm_plovdiv.bg



Dusseldorf added to New Destinations Network

Dusseldorf is the latest and 22nd destination to be added to New Destinations Network.

Working with the Tourist Information Office, Hotels and local attractions, Dusseldorf welcomes networking and partnerships with all other partners in New Destinations Network and any other organisation worldwide that wishes to create links with this great city.


enquiries@newdestinationsnetwork.com                                                                                     www.newdestinationsnetwork.com                                                                     http://www.newdestinationsnetwork.com /blog/



EcoGrill a disposable BBQ that’s good for the Environment

eco-bbqThe EcoGrill is a beautifully crafted natural product, made of Alder wood and filled with highest quality Alder charcoal – all from sustainable sources.

The EcoGrill is derived from a centuries old Nordic tradition of burning tree stumps now used for cooking, heating and smoking food.

Due to its design it maximises the use of the charcoals within it and prolongs burning time, giving over two hours cooking with an even heat and around four hours as a Camp Fire.  This gives you time to relax and enjoy the cooking experience.

The EcoGrill is very easily lit with it’s own natural resin wick.

NEW DESTINATIONS NETWORK is pleased to be working with ECO Eco Consumer Products, which is a Latvian founded company and products?

We are looking for distributors, retailors and agents for this great product worldwide.

Find out more –

www.newdestinationsnetwork.com                                                                  http://www.newdestinationsnetwork.com/blog/                                                    mikeblack@newdestinationsnetwork.com

IFB 2016

IFB Business Club

Join over 15,000 Business Club members and enjoy a whole world of new business opportunities. More chances to meet international buyers and investors. More advice and support from industry experts. More access to market research and insight. It’s free, and registration is easy.




Liverpool Needs You – 12 Artists Required?

Call for Artists: The Snowflake Trail 2015
Open Culture and Liverpool BID Company are looking for 12 artists/creative organisations to design and decorate 1.5m high fibreglass snowflakes, which will form part of this year’s Snowflake Trail across Liverpool city centre from 19 November 2015 – 3 January 2016.
For Christmas, Jack Frost is transforming Liverpool city centre into a frozen wonderland of festive fun for young and old, when the city centre becomes a giant magical winter wonderland. The public is invited to follow the Snowflake Trail and solve clues with a chance of winning the grand prize. Other aspects of the trail include street based light and sound installations, a giant snowflake, magical window displays and snowflakes designed by local schoolchildren on the Church Street Christmas tree.
The brief
The 12 fibreglass snowflakes have been created to offer a blank 3D canvas for artists to showcase their skills to the huge audiences that visit the city centre over the Christmas period.
There are no specific themes or design criteria for this commission, however we encourage artists to create a design that is vibrant, eye catching, festive and works for a broad range of audiences and ages. We want the on street artwork to capture the public’s curiosity, imagination and help to create a sense of magic as they explore the city centre in the winter months and undertake their Christmas shopping.
Before applying, please consider how the snowflake can look effective day to night as the snowflakes will be on street 24 hours a day (the sun sets at 4pm from 19 Nov).
If anything is to be added to the original snowflake fibreglass structure, then you should ensure the finished artwork will remain intact for the duration of the Snowflake Trail, and is safe for audiences to view, not creating any hazards for the public.
How to apply
Please send your application and design/s by email to charlotte@culture.org.uk. If you’d prefer you can also send your submission in hard copy by post to Open Culture, World Museum, William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EN. Please keep a copy of each submission for your records as hard copy submissions cannot be returned.
You can submit more than one design, but each design must be accompanied by a separate application form. If you’d like to submit examples of your other artwork in support of your application, please limit examples to 2 sides of A4.
The deadline for submissions is 10:30 am on Monday 19 October.

Bulgarian Food Is Just Potato, Cabbage and Bread

There are still people in Western Europe and America that think Eastern Europe is an undeveloped region that is still living in Soviet Times.

Wake up and explore the opportunities in this region, one of the fastest growing in the whole of Europe. Food, tourism, property, ICT and wine are just some of the sectors that  are thieving at present.

Lick your lips at the thought of all these business opportunities!!

For more information go to;


World Travel Market – London

The World Travel Market being held in London between the 2-5th November 2015 is the best of its kind and bring together everyone who is everyone in the Tourism Industry, plus many other sectors too.

Whether you get a stand, attend as a professional within the industry or just to get information on your next holiday, it is a great couple of days!

If you intend to stay, you better get your accommodation booked as everywhere within miles around the Excel Arena London will be sold out.

If you want to arrange meetings, start to contact people now, as the appointments calendar for most people get filled very fast.

New Destination Network staff are attending and we already have 50% of our time allocated to meetings already.

Be there or be very square!!!!

For more information go www.wtmlondon.com



The Shire – But for real!

Bozhentsi Village in the region of Gabrovo, Bulgaria is a magical place in the mountains. Maybe a real version of The Shire from Lord of The Rings, or just a historical and important location in the heritage of this region and country. Lose yourself in the past for a day or two, don’t worry, you can always come back, but only if you want to?

For more information –


Gabrovo House of Humour and Satire

Gabrovo House of Humour and Satire is side splittingly funny!!! The jokes, art, sculptures, photographs, pictures, paintings etc!! Anyone with a sense of humour            ( which is the majority of the worlds population) will love it there, I mean, even Traffic Wardens have one?

I spent two hours there, but to be honest ( which is unusual for me) I could have spent the whole day!!

They also have International, National and Local Competions, which must be a fantastic time to visit the place!!! Can you imagine so many funny people in one place at once!!! I would have to wear a girdle ( what do you mean, I do anyway!!).

If you get a chance to visit Gabrovo, Bulgaria, don’t forget to visit this venue! There are so many things to do in the region, but try and fit in a visit there!!!




Gabrovo – Radio, newspaper and worldwide promotion

Mike Black owner of NDN and Yonka Agalova Director of Centre of culture and Tourism join forces to promote Gabrovo, Bulgaria on region newspaper and radio station. This cola aeration has already been covered by NDN, through the portal and social media, but it will now continue.

They have agreed on a number of joint projects to help with the inferstructure and promotion of Art, Culture and Tourism in the region.

Watch this space!!

Mike Black


New Destinations network

Gabrovo Art & Culture Event

Mike Black, Owner/Founder of NDN, is on the Panel of the first Gabrovo Art & Culture Event held in this Bulgarian city.

Several guest speakers discuss Art, Culture and the finance needed for this sector to be sustainable in Bulgaria now and in the future.

This is followed by several artists performances, B2B Meetings and Networking food and drink. If the first day is anything to go by, this event is going to be a great success and hopefully the first of many?


Park Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria – A place to relax

Park Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which it rapidly becoming one of the popular in the city alsPark Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which it rapidly becoming one of the popular in the city also has a relaxing and chilled out Spa too!! So after a day of meetings, have a walk through Lauta Park, which entrance is right next to the Hotel itself. Then have some time in the Spa; maybe a Turkish bath, sauna or jacuzzi. You can also have a choice of treatments too. Personally an hour of relaxation with a mug of mint tea was just what the Doctor ordered!!! www.newdestinationsnetwork.com o has a relaxing and chilled out Spa too!! So after a day of meetings, have a walk through Lauta Park, which entrance is right next to the Hotel itself. Then have some time in the Spa; maybe a Turkish bath, sauna or jacuzzi. You can also have a choice of treatments too. Personally an hour of relaxation with a mug of mint tea was just what the Doctor ordered!!! www.newdestinationsnetwork.com

Park Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which it rapidly becoming one of the popular in the city also has a relaxing and chilled out Spa too!! So after a day of meetings, have a walk through Lauta Park, which entrance is right next to the Hotel itself. Then have some time in the Spa; maybe a Turkish bath, sauna or jacuzzi. You can also have a choice of treatments too. Personally an hour of relaxation with a mug of mint tea was just what the Doctor ordered!!!

Plovdiv – thousands on the street

Plovdiv Celebrates 130 Years of Unification of Bulgaria. Long story, but today celebrates the day the last two ‘groups’ of separate believes joined together in Plovdiv after many years of wars between different army’s. Thousands of people watched a march through the city and enactment. It was followed by modern street acts and a fire work display. This says everything you need to know about Plovdiv (Capital of Culture 2019), remembers its past, enjoys today and loves its future!

Park Hotel Plovdiv

Back in Plovdiv, where New Destinations Network started, well sort of? Here for a couple of events, it was Children’s Day today (lose translation) and then 130 Years Anniversary of Unification tomorrow.

I could choice from many Hotels in the city, as it has a lot, but The Park Hotel Plovdiv is my choice.

Friendly, professional, cheap, excellent establishment and a great location.

Before you book anywhere in Plovdiv, check it out!!!! Go to the Plovdiv page.

Orehovo – Work and play – 4&5/9/15

Orehovo Village and their hard working occupants are trying there best with limited funding to improve the region for visitors. Boris, Poley and George from Konakat Hotel are some of the actively ones trying to do this?

Today we made way through mountain paths to Cehebo, a famous chapel and pick nick spot. Although this has been used by locals for years, we spent several hours sign posting the route for visitors. The route passes over streams, through forest areas and there is even a drinking and sitting area for when you want to take a rest. It is not a straight forward trek up the mountains, as the heavy snow in the winter brought down hundreds of trees, some of them being many years old. This makes the path a more interesting route and shows you plan many things but not nature!!

It was worth it though, as on reaching this place, it became apparent why was so popular.

It was build by a family to commemorated their daughter who unfortunately died at just 20 years of age. She used to love to walk through the mountains and would stop at this location to take a break. They therefore built a Chapel and Picknick area, so anyone could either pray for world harmony or just take a break of enjoy the area.

The chapel is always open and has candles you can lite and have say a pray for loved ones or just the planet as whole. The BBQ and pick nick area is also fully equipped with wood, lighters, water, tables and chairs.

It was a great day, combining work and pleasure, but the walk back down the mountain was definitely easier than the walk up!

There are many walks and treks similar to this from Orehovo, but unfortunately I couldn’t do them all, well not on this trip anyway!!! Like me, I think you should try and do some, in fact as many as possible, if you get the chance, it is so for filling!

Written by Mike Black