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Love working with a great group of people, doing a great job, for the communities they care about.

FIJET CONGRESS 2018 – Youth is the future

The FIJET Congress 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco had all the usual regulars and delegates, but this year contained more young journalists (Bloggers & Social Media Experts) then ever before, as they met at the FIJET Academy in Izmir, Turkey and remained friends.

They did not wait to be recognised or introduced as they did it for themselves. Not only throughout the whole event but during the Forum too.

An organisation is only as good as the legacy it leaves, so start to introduce young FIJET members and new, free-thinking & open-minded people now!

The energy and forward thinking attitude that these individuals and in fact, the group as a whole, had on the event could be seen, felt and heard, so let it organically grow into the what FIJET can become in the future.

International Business Festival – 2018 – Liverpool


The first week has been a great success, with another two weeks of major events, meetings with thousands of industry professionals and world-class speakers.

If you have not got involved yet, its not too late to join in Liverpool’s Summer of Business!

Creative Bulgaria – Troyan and Tarnovo

Bulgaria Creative Forum and Fam Trip continues by visiting Troyan which is famous for pottery, brandy and the Monastery. Then onto Veliko Tarnovo to visit the Tsarevets Fortress, with amazing light show and see visit the art and crafts region of the city. Both great places and with alot of memories for all the party.

Helexpo & Limnos Teams


HELEXPO/PHILOXENIA 2017 – The 33rd International Tourism Exhibition at the International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Limnos Island is growing in popularity as a tourist destination as it has a bit of everything, in fact it is know is the indescribable island. Beaches, churches, mysterious sand dunes, WW1 bravery, heritage, food, wine, cruisers and a lot more! Always nice to see the Mayor and team at the event.

The Helexpo&Philoxenia Team, headed by Vicky, do a great job and get a deserved a big thank you from all that participate.

WTM London 2017 – Buyers Club

WTM LONDON 2017 at the Excel Arena, London – Day 3

WTM Buyers Club is a great group to be in, not only because it makes it easier to contact others, but also there is a lounge at all events that can be used for meetings, wifi, charging, food and drink.
Met up with old/young friends from Plovdiv and new/young friends from Lithuania, plus manner others.
Also, got a chance to see a Aston Martin DB11 for real, my favourite car ever made!
These events are more than just business, its networking, sociable, friendly and interesting! Don’t just sit there and think life will come to you, go and discover life!
Even the getting there and coming back can be fun, especially if you book early, as a Virgin First Class Return Ticket was the same as a Standard Ticket if booked the week before.

Thanks to ITE 2017 and Myst Hotel

Last day of the ITE HCMC 2017 event for delegates who took part on the Fam Trip. The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City gave up their venue for use, so they all took advantage of the roof top pool, bar, steam room and gym. Therefore, they give ‘very big thanks’ to the General Manger Lam Thi Ngoc Hahn. What a venue, what facilities, what staff and management!!!!

ITE HCMC 2017 – Final Day

ITE HCMC 2017 – Day 5 – Busy Day for everything one, which started with Award Ceremonies, presentations and meetings. Then certain delegates went to Saigon Museum, Temples, China Town and then finished with a ‘end of event meal’. Thanks were given to and from the delegates, the biggest cheers were given to the young volunteers who worked so hard to make sure the event when so well, which it did.

A thank you goes to all the people that made it so much of a successful event. The Hosted Media and Buyers now split into groups and see different parts of Vietnam.

Plovdiv International Meeting For Tourism in Bulgaria

Plovdiv 7th International Meeting of Tourism is a ‘full house’. The gathering of Tourist industry professionals from around the world meet to learn more about this great city, network and what is happening to the build up to CoC 2019.

Plovdiv Wineries/Municipality start new project

The Municipality of Plovdiv, 8 wineries from the region and one wine bar joined efforts into developing a wine route, by creating the first common wine map.

Next step is to arrange organised tours from the city!!

Park Hotel Plovdiv have already offered their cooperation to be a meeting point/centre for the project.

Orehovo Newspaper Reviews

New Destinations Network reached out into the mountains of Bulgaria and found a hidden gem.

Orehovo is a tranquil village that is virtually 100% self sufficient.

Mountains, valleys, streams, wild life, views, attractions, home made food and drink.

The visit of NDN to the region, created a lot of attenetion and was in all the local

newspapers and news!!!

Use any of the below links to read all about it;


Blue Air add route from Liverpool Airport

BlueAir a Romanian Airline with over 10 years experience of flying low cost flights throughout Europe, have added to their destinations and airports.

Due to an increased number of flyers from the UK to Romania and visa versa, they have added a service from Liverpool to Bucharest and return.

They will be using Boeing 737-400 aircraft’s and are aiming for a three flights a week service.

The whole of Eastern Europe has had an increase in tourists from the UK over the recent years and especially in 2014, so Blue Air are trying to take advance of this and add this service to one of the most popular cities in the region.

Prices start from as little as £ 26.00 one way so will be popular with Business and Tourists alike. It will be of great interest to travelers who visit multiple destinations per trip, as they can flight hop from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, RO Macedonia and the rest of the region at a low cost!!

Mark Povall, The Director of Air Services at Liverpool John Lennon Airport said “It is great to be able to welcome a new operator to the Airport and particularly pleased to see the commencement of this important route after having worked with the Romanian Consulate an the recent Romania 2018 Initiative. By working locally with the three partners, we have been able to demonstrate to Blue Air a real desire for this service from Liverpool.”

For more information about this and all Blue Air routes and services go to

Gheorghe Racaru, Blue Air General Manager said “Since its first flight, almost ten years ago, Blue Air has been permanently developing and this meant new routes, fleet increase or new services that would offer passengers an extremely pleasant experience on board of our aircraft’s. It is my pleasure to announce that tickets for a new route from Liverpool JLA to Bucharest and return are available 3 times a week a destination which joins the other 26 routes already in place”