I am the founder and owner of New Destinations Network and have been involved in the Tourist Industry for over 20 years, thus accumulating a vast and varied knowledge in all sectors.

From being a Tour Guide to Tourism Magazine Publicist, there is little I don’t know about what is required for a destination to be a popular tourist location.

Working with UK Trade and Investment, the Global British Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network and a variety of British Embassy’s worldwide, I have a vast network of connections.

I am presently heavily involved in a project in my home town of Liverpool, which is bringing together a number of government departments, high street retailers, local companies and organisations, to promote and increase footfall to an ‘inner city region’.

I have spent most of my working life in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector, the last two years concentrating on training, consultancy and financial investment within the Tourism Sectors. Bringing all of my skills together and now adding the New Destination Network, there are few in the industry worldwide who knows more about promoting a city, venue or region.

It’s not only new destinations that can need help and advice, but existing ones that are struggling keeping their visitor numbers to the required level. A new pair of eyes or a fresh approach can make the difference and sometimes with little change to existing strategies.   

I can offer an extremely flexible Consultancy Service from Desk Top Reviews to Tourism Statutory Programmes. 

Contact me as soon as possible, so I can help, advise or guide you, on how to promote your city to a worldwide tourist audience in a way that will do it justice and increase visitor numbers. 

Mike Black