Using companies that have been working with organisations in the the UK and worldwide over the last 8 years, NDN now has access to Grants, Funding and Training programmes.

 We now specialises in the following areas:

·         Business Advice & Structure

·         Business Planning

·         Staff Training and Development

·         Funding Opportunities and routes to alternative forms of funding

·         Bid Writing and Tenders

·         Charitable Funding Opportunities

·         European Funding

·         Government and Local Funding

·         Free School and Academy applications

Teachers and advisors qualified to Masters Level in Education, who have worked with both public and private sector partners over the last 15 plus years, are now apart of the NDN team.

Working with various partners, stakeholders and agencies, NDN reviews organisations and their need for Grants, Funding and Training. Then we advise and guide the organisation in the use the funds, so it is used in a professional and sustainable way. If required NDN will also work with individuals and departments (at all levels) of the organisation to ensure the funds are allocated correctly and create a legacy from its use.

Grants and Funding are obtained from a number of sources and for many sectors including private sector, public organizations and charities.

Therefore, if any organisation wishes to discuss their possible suitability for these funds, make contact with us, so we can arrange a meeting asap.

For more information contact;