Halkidiki, Greece – latest destination to be added to NDN

Halkidik, Greece – latest destination to be added to NDN.

Halkidiki is a large mainland region of northern Greece, which is famous for its shape, as it has three peninsulas or ‘legs’ as they are better known. From west to east they are Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. They used to be called ‘popular’ Kassandra, ‘peaceful’ Sithonia and ‘spiritual’ Athos, but they have all changed so much in recent years, they all offer a bit of everything.  

The great thing about this region is that due to its geographical lay-out there is the main body of land and then the 3 legs, but they all have different terrains and atmospheres. It is sometimes said to be a ’mainland’ and 3 Islands, but actually they are all connected, especially through a system of excellent roads. Therefore, it is very popular for Fly-Drive Holidays and visitors from the rest of mainland Europe. (and closest to Thessaloniki, which is the 2nd biggest city in Greece and has a major International Airport.