IMT Plovdiv 2018 – Plans for Plovdiv 2019 and Young Wine Festival

 IMT Plovdiv 2018 continues with a visit to the new Plovdiv 2019 Foundation Office and an update to the progress of all plans and events. The implementations already in place will ensure that this will be one of the most important years in the recent history of this amazing city.
This was followed by a mouth-watering visit to Gaillot Chocolates, which was not only interesting, but extremely enjoyable, especially for the chocoholics amongst the group, which was most of them!After lunch the group of delegates went to the Young Wine Festival, which took place in the ‘old town’ of Plovdiv’. There were local dancers in traditional dress, dignitaries and even a few ‘local characters?’. This festival is a fantastic day as it not only involves sampling and buying the newest wines from the region, which are based within the amazing Ottoman built houses, but accessing them via narrow cobbled Roman streets, makes it a cultural and historical