ITE HCMC 2018 – Mekong Delta Tour

After the ITE HCMC 2018 – The Hosted Buyer delegates went on a tour of the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, organised by Vietnam Travel Group.  This included a horse & cart journey to the Mekong River area, then a cruise down the river to eventually transfer into local rowing boats through the mangrove estuaries. There was also time to take in some of the local cultural activities such as; the making of bee based products, such as honey, pollen and royal jelly. Then there was also a coconut work-shop were they produced, water, milk and even candy. There was still time to visit a snake & crocodile farm, enjoy local singers and do a bit of shopping too.

Finally a meeting with the local Tourism Department, which was held during lunch at the Mekong Taste Resort, with local food, drink and an inspection of the bungalow accommodation they have there.

Mike Black (Director of New Destinations Network) did a interview for local TV and Radio about the positive experience and feedback from all the delegates who took part.

Overall it was an amazing day and everyone who attended it will promote the region as a new destination for their clients, family and friends.