Its the people you meet – Greek Tourism Promotion Visit

Anyone who travels for a living, on their holidays or just on weekend break, knows its the people you meet, that makes it special!

The attractions, venues, views, experiences, culture, food and drink are great, but its the people who create the the fun, happiness, conversations and interaction that lives in your memories and heart forever!

Throughout NDN’s latest trip – The Greek Tourism Promotion Visit  (Thessaloniki, Limnos Island and Halkidiki) from the first day to the last, the people that got involved were exceptional in every way. Not just for their friendship and hospitality, but for allowing themselves to show the love they have for their region and the genuine desire to show it off to the world.

A massive THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved and needless to say, after people read all the Blogs, Social Media Posts and NDN Circulations, they must feel the warmth of the people and the splendour of the destinations, so it will definitely make them want to visit.


For more information, contact us or the below organisers of the 3 sections of the visit; (Thessaloniki) (Limnos Island) (Halkidiki)