Limnos Island, Greece – All Greek Islands rolled into one!

Limnos Island, Greece, is not just another Greek Island, it is The Greek Island. Others boast so many individual assets and an iconic image or two, but Limnos has it all.

Yes, it has the fishing ports, restaurants, cafes, bars, great food and wine, plus the windmills, beaches, beautiful sea and sunsets, but to people who visitthere, they are just the stock Greek package for all Islands.

As for Limnos Island, add Volcanic rock formations, archaeological sites, surfing, castles, diving, bird stopping, camping, caves, tales of Troy, mayor involvement with WWI, churches, boutique hotels, winery’s, Winstan Churchill, stunning views, heritage, myths and much, much more! Oh did I mention amazingly friendly people?

Limnos Island is a gem of an Island and so far it has only been scene by a few, but over the next 5 years it is slowly opening the amazing and glimmering box of jewels it has, for the world see!

Experience ‘the indescribable island’ of Limnos, before everyone else does!