Macedonia additions to NDN

The two new organisations to be added to Macedonian destinations are;

JSP TURS started to work in 1991, and from then on have keep their professionalism and quality. They offer a wide range of tourist services, including Skopje City Tour Buses with professional and licensed staff, who speak in several different languages. This service is unique as its content is educational and includes information on the whole territory of Republic of Macedonia. They also have several quality tour-buses and mini-buses for rent, plus have student educational excursions too. There is also a unique package that offers panoramic bus tour and cable car trip, so young and old can see the city from above and on the ground.

Goce Delchev University – Shtip is a state university in Skopje, Macedonia, ranked second place of state universities in the country. The University was established in 2007, and today integrates 12 faculties and 3 academies organised in four University campuses, where 30,000 students are enrolled. The lectures and contemporary study programs are realized in modern equipped educational centers. They are always looking for collaborations and partnerships with other educational establishments and investment into growth plans.