Mystery Shopper Reports or Independent Customer Reviews (ICR’s, as they are now known), is a very important way to see how your organisation and/or staff are performing, plus what type of service your customers/clients actually do receive.

Trip Advisor and ‘inhouse feedback systems’ do not give an accurate result, as they are only completed by people who had a Very Good or Very Bad experience (both totalling approximately 22% of all your customers), so the hundreds/thousands of people who don’t express their opinion (78%) do not get heard. In fact, these are most important to you, as they are ones who ‘may’ use you again, whereas the others definitely will or will not, for obviously reasons!

Also, your average customer does not know what to look for, as a lot of their experience is based on their own emotions at the time and not professional industrial standards or requirements. 

As industry professionals know, bad news travels five times faster than good news, so only wanting to accept positive feedback is negative, as you learn more from what people really want, than what they settle for or accept. When you get a positive ICR from an ‘independent industry professional’, there can be no better way of knowing that your organisation and/or staff are doing exactly what they should be doing! On the other hand, if you receive an ICR that makes comments on some points, you will know exactly what improvements are needed to ensure it/they are doing what they should be doing. 

ICR’s can be prepared in relation to every aspect of your organisation; website, staff, marketing, promotional material, customer service, products, branding, pricing and much more, therefore either one or all sections of your organisation can be analysed and feedback given.

Like many of NDN’s services, this can be done for no cost to your organisation, even though the results from it could and usually do produce an increase in performance and results, plus a real knowledge of how you are perceived by your customers/clients?

Do not be frightened to know how people see your organisation and/or staff and more importantly, do be frightened to be improve the service you provide?

For more information about this invaluable service contact Mike Black NDN Director;  +44(0)7825137574 or +44(0)1519491590