Orehovo – Visiting the mountains 4/9/2015

Returning to Orehovo in Sept is a great, as last time members of New Destinations Network were here it was in the winter. It had stunning snow filled views with frozen rivers and waterfalls, which was an amazing and natural thing to see.

Now, at the end of the summer months, the views and scenery is just an magnificent, maybe even better, with the trees, flowers and vegetation in full view. All the rivers and streams are in full flow and the majority of the waterfalls adding a splash of the more exciting side to the area.

An early morning start, but still in lovely sunshine the owners of Konakat Hotel, in the village and myself set-off, with food and back packs. Transport going up these inclines is a ex Russain Military Jeep, driven by his local nickname ‘Crazy Schumacker’ for obvious reasons. The train was steep, uneven and needed sort a man to navigate the route.

The first stop was Kosten Kamak two waterfalls, that had recently had it access route repaired by the locals of the village, to give easier access for visitors.

Then all the way up to The Screaming Rock and Chapel, which got its name from when the Ottomans were here. In there attempt to convert everyone to the Muslim faith, they took locals to this rock and if they did not agree to follow the new faith, they would be thrown off the rock. Staying strong to there Christian believes hundreds did not and so there thrown to there death, but many did not die straight away and lay in the valley below screaming, thus the name.

This place, although having an awful story is visit by many, as it now has a Chapel, built to celebrate the strength of faith of these people. Add to that it has stunning views of the mountain range and valleys too. On this particular day we were so lucky to witness an Eagle flying only meters above our head, but even better, to open up its massive wings to slow down and land on a tree top extremely close to us. It was only there for seconds and then let go of the branch and flow into the sky. It just added to the morning events.

To take advantage of the weather and fresh air, but more importantly to get feeling back into our back-sides, as Russain Military Vehicles were definitely efficient, but not built for comfort, we walked down the mountain.

This let us take in the views, fresh air and enjoy a beautiful walk through the mountains and forests in this region. We even had time to stop and make a lunch with local meat, salad and bread, it was so lovely to eat outdoors surrendered by such scenery and obviously in the company of such friendly people too (Polya, Boris and George).

My conclusion for the day is that Orehovo and surrounding region is as beautiful in the summer as the winter!!!!

Follow our Blog over the coming days for more about this typical mountain village and the stunning region it is set in.

Written by Mike Black.