Plovdiv International Tourism Meeting

Between the 25th and 28th November 2015 the 7th International Meeting of Tourism will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (City of the Capital of Culture 2019).

This event is arranged by The Municipality Of Plovdiv and their partners, who want to show the world what an amazing city they have, but also it enable businesses to network with each other during the event.

The Event starts with an evening cocktail reception, enabling all the organisers and companies attending to get to know each other, in an inform environment.

The following day is the official opening of the event and presentations by a number of dignitary’s and the hosts themselves.

This is followed the opportunity to have Business To Business Meetings with all the Companies and Businesses present and is a fantastic way to create partnership from around the world.

This is then followed by a tour of the ancient city of Plovdiv, with breath taking views of the Roman Sites and Ottoman Architecture. Later in the evening everyone attending with have dinner and again have the opportunity to network and make new friends.

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The following day there is the opportunity to visit a number of the local Hotels, so all people taking part can see the excellent varied and quality of the accommodation available in the city. This is followed by The Young Wine Parade in the Old Town, which is the introduction of the new crop of wines and an opportunity to taste them, as well as local food.

Later that evening there is the formal Gala Dinner, with local food, wine and traditional dancing. For the more sociable ones, there is then the opportunity to continue the evening and enjoy the nightlife in the city.

The following day participants can return home or stay with the party and visit two Monastery’s outside of the city Plovdiv and then have dinner in the evening.

The following day all participants will return home.

This event has been a great success on every occasion and it is growing after each one.

For more information or to take part contact Stoyan Ivanov on