New Destinations Network CIC – Community Projects

New Destinations Network CIC

Definitions of words;

New – ‘introduce, discovered recently, first time’

Destination – ‘a place to which someone is going’

Network – ‘a supportive system’

NDN Community Interest Company (C.I.C) aims to assist disadvantaged, under-funded and/or alienated individuals, groups and/or organisations to experience, learn, study and take-part in a variety of life skills, topics, subjects and community activities. The object is to increases their; confidence, knowledge, abilities and educational levels. Additionally, giving them the feeling of inclusion within the community they live and becoming an active member of it.  

NDN has gathered a large amount of knowledge, experience and skills from a multitude of aspects of communities from around the world. By embracing different cultures, religions and nationalities from all parts of society, it has learnt how to improve and create a stronger and invigorating co-existence for all within the community.

NDN is involved with several organisations in European City Capital of Culture’s, which brings together many of the aspects of the life-skills, topics and subjects that it wishes for people to experience and benefit from. This adds the opportunity to work with and learn from; individuals, groups and organisations from Europe and around the world.

NDN is looking to involve people of all ages, backgrounds, educational levels, employment status, religions and origins, as adding their life experiences, will decrease barriers and increase knowledge of all involved.

Understanding each other’s differences makes it easier for individuals, groups, and organisations to appreciate, interact and work together on a personal, social, educational and employment level.

By giving individuals, groups and organisations the opportunity to experience, learn, study and take-part in activities involving; Art, Culture, Heritage, History, Religion, Food&Drink, Health, Tourism, Hospitality, Business and Customer Service, it will expand their knowledge of aspects of life that they may not have known about, understood or previously appreciated. These activities can involve just one, several or all life-skills, topics or subjects depending of the needs of the participants.

By using and taking advantage of what they have experienced and learnt as individuals, groups and organisations, they can improve or create a new destination for themselves. They will also know they have worked within a network that will continue to give them the support system they need.

In order to help fund the above, NDN is also a Worldwide Tourism and Investment Portal, which networks organisations from a variety of sectors such as; Art, Culture, Heritage, History, Religion, Food&Drink, Health, Tourism, Business and Customer Service, plus many more. By doing this, NDN will add organisations from different cultures, religions and nationalities, locally and around the world, plus gain monies to sustain itself and invest in related projects in the local Community and/or elsewhere. NDN will also gain monies from Grants and Funds locally and around the world on behalf of itself and other organisation within its network to help with related projects.