New Destinations Network CIC – Community Projects

NDN helps disadvantaged and/or under-funded individuals and organisations in the Sefton Area of Liverpool and when requested to, in any part of the world.

It has several methods of doing this; mainly by creating and helping community projects and organisations with volunteers, training, funding and consultation, but will also get involve all levels of cooperation and collaboration.

NDN has worked with Sefton Council, Active Sefton and Invest Sefton with a number of community projects, including creating jobs, crime prevention, career advice, budgeting for the poorer section of society, assisting elderly members of the local area integrate and feel safe and wanted in the community, tidy-up schemes and youth engagement schemes.

It has also set-up and then run Sefton Community Markets which is a weekly market that allows all members of the community to meet in a friendly, fun and entertaining environment. This is actually a way of offering information about and getting involved in a number of projects for the disadvantaged sections of the local community, such as; elderly, disabled, financially insecure, reduced education, unemployed, untrained, culturally or religiously secluded or segregated etc.

One project is teaching customer service, tourism and hospitality skills, which will increase their; confidence, knowledge and abilities, thus enabling them to explore new directions in life and new destinations in the world?            

The subjects and areas of interests that will be included will be; Tourism, Hospitality, Customer Service, Art, Culture, Heritage, Food and Drink, Travel, Religion, History etc

This will be delivered in lecture form, classroom environment, on-site learning and visits. This will include the many DESTINATIONS that NDN already has with its partner’s and members worldwide, which at present is 50+ locations, which includes 20 countries.

‘Cultural emersion’ has become a major part of understanding the needs of a community, destination or location. Such matters can be taught to a certain level in a lecture hall or classroom, but to fully understand its importance and impact, it has to be seen, lived and actually experienced.

‘Sustainable Tourism’ is the hot topic in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industries, especially in regards to recent high-profile subjects such as; climate change, world financial crisis, terrorism and migration. Therefore, a thorough understanding of this topic is essential for everyone wanted to get involved in these industries. 

For some people, merely trying to organising a short trip or even a day out can be a stressful experience or in their eyes an impossible task. Never mind going abroad. The basic skills of planning; packing, dates, times, saving and spending money, clothing, accessories, paperwork, etc can be daunting, but once achieved, it can give people confidence to progress and develop further.

The benefits of eating a cost effective and healthier food, such as the Mediterranean, Asian, Eastern European and Central American diets? The swopping of sugary drinks, burgers and relish for water, salads and oils can be life changing. Understanding how making and eating healthy fresh food and adding (or replacing) them to a daily diet can be both financially and medically beneficial, which can also be part of a budgeting and counselling programme.                                                                

Cultural, religious and racial intolerance are difficult subjects to understand and deal with, but interacting with people who have had different ‘paths’ in life, opens up minds for acceptance of other people’s life styles and beliefs.

Walking, activity and sports tourism is increasing, especially for the elderly and disabled person. Freedom to exercise and explore, on a local level or on foreign shores, is not only enlightening, but has amazing physical and health benefits too.

One the fastest growing sector of travel and tourism is ‘health and relaxation’. This ranging from Spa’s and Yoga to full-on Detox and Retreats. The alternative medicine industry in growing worldwide faster than any other aspect of health treatments and these are usually offered during such experiences. Whether this is used for destressing or finding an alternative to regular medical treatments, it is a sector that needs to be appreciated more thoroughly by all involved in the tourism, hospitality and travel industries.    

NDN will use locally sourced funding to help as many Community Projects as possible and will help; train, mentor, advice, consult and support individuals and groups involved. It will also obtain funding itself to create Community Project and Schemes intended to regenerate, support or improve communities in the Sefton Area and abroad.

NDN has spent over 5 years working with community based companies in Liverpool and Worldwide so in a position to react to the needs of an individual, group or community, immediately and efficiently. All of the above services will help, improve and invigorate all involved and will be delivered to ensure sustainability of all outcomes.