VISIT PLOVDIV – IMT 2018 and Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv, Bulgaria is preparing itself for the most important events in its modern history with the upcoming 10th International Meeting of Tourism in November and then it is the European City Capital of Culture 2019, with a multitude of events throughout the whole year.
Whether you are in the Travel Industry or a Tourist who wants to discover ‘new destinations’ there will never be a better time to see this amazing city than 2019.
Mike Black, Founder and Director of New Destinations Network has made it a personal mission to promote the city by wearing the ECCC 2019 T-Shirt in many destinations in the following countries, during his Worldwide Expansion of his own company;
Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Honduras, Italy, Limnos Island, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, UK & Vietnam.
(unfortunately the original T-Shirt has not lasted this 4 year worldwide travelling adventure, but it had a full, if only short life
Therefore he can truly say he has promoted it on a global scale, so like many thousands of people is looking forward the next 12 months.
It is going to be so interesting to see how the city deals with this increased exposure in not only Tourism but Investment too. Also now it handles it in a sustainable way over the coming years!