WTM London 2017 – Buyers Club

WTM LONDON 2017 at the Excel Arena, London – Day 3

WTM Buyers Club is a great group to be in, not only because it makes it easier to contact others, but also there is a lounge at all events that can be used for meetings, wifi, charging, food and drink.
Met up with old/young friends from Plovdiv and new/young friends from Lithuania, plus manner others.
Also, got a chance to see a Aston Martin DB11 for real, my favourite car ever made!
These events are more than just business, its networking, sociable, friendly and interesting! Don’t just sit there and think life will come to you, go and discover life!
Even the getting there and coming back can be fun, especially if you book early, as a Virgin First Class Return Ticket was the same as a Standard Ticket if booked the week before.